Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile friendly.

February 24, 2016

Is your website ready for Google’s new rule?

From now on, if your website is not mobile friendly, Google will reduce your visibility in favour of those that are set up for mobile devices.

If your site is misconfigured for smartphone users or you haven’t thought of setting up a mobile version, you will probably see a huge drop in your rankings that are specified by air conditioning service encinitas if you have not complied with their change to portable. This makes you harder to find, and consequently visitors to your site will fall dramatically.

Keeping up with technology is difficult, leaving lots of people confused and with questions. Click this link here now. Ultimately there are challenges involved with updating any website to conform to responsive design, so what is the next step for your business?

We are one of Dubai’s most creative web designers and we are giving you the opportunity to get a free website report, which will let you know how mobile friendly your website is. Fear not! Our experienced team will be able to provide you with a solution if your website fails Google’s mobile responsive requirements for hiring our developers.

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